2019 Elections: The Star of Nigeria And It’s Imminent balkanization -By J. Ezike…

In the upheaval of election times in which Nigeria is caught up, relying as it must on the skewed electoral system, biding its time to the great riggings that has already taken place or are beginning to, and without a glint of democratic commitment by the “Abuja electives” to act with civility in deference to the peoples’ votes, and to reflect in totality the true figures of the ballots, brings to the fore the consequence of the abiding delusions we bestraddle upon our backs and the worthlessness of Nigeria we seem to revere.

We cannot but admit that no election exercise conducted in the past or present, since the historic foundation of this geographical expression, under various constitutional conventions or arrangements, has ever reflected a modicum of convincing incorruptibility and the common possessions of morality. Nigeria would be living in a realm of crime fiction to boast of governmental credibility, if federal, state and local elections were to be used as the prime indices in judging its administrative character and transparency. Thus, a retentive mind is compelled to remember with clearest intelligence these repetitious evils so much that it becomes the basis of daily revolution and to abstain from the disease of the brain that responds to “puppetry stimuli” as ceremoniously demonstrated by Nigeria’s deeply misguided patriots that sought to legitimize the serial violation of their fundamental rights through the shameless charade they endorse as the Nigerian Electoral System.

J. Ezike

One needs not to be a sentimentalist to perceive the political necessity for power retention by the APC-led government which in defense of its diabolical ambition, disseminated through its various organs of mass control, thoroughly debased exhibition of false achievements and fictional projects and the exaltation of its evil regime in comparison with the erstwhile regimes which were simply the clone replicas of the present.

Realists feel driven to declare the outcome of the forthcoming presidential elections as a foregone conclusion. This line of thought is permissible, after all, having pieced all the fragments of past electoral proceedings that strived to eternalize a seating presidential elective and to persist on the continuity of an incumbent ruling party.

On the other hand of the ideological divide, the Optimists are lavishing hope for a transitioning into a completely refurbished arrangement that would bring into finality the present regime that functions not only as a Trial of Survival but also as the Stallion of Death driving the entire humanity of Nigeria into the ethereal gate of the underworld. It brings no surprise why Nigeria’s undisputed excellence lies in the proliferation of mass cemeteries and the steady multiplication of state mortuaries.

Permit me to declare not with the air of mental superiority however, that I am the individual who within this context is neither a Realist nor an Optimist. In other words, I do not conform to the ideological proposals of both faculties. Rather, I am walking on the razor’s edge – which simply connotes the disapproval of the options on sale.

Last year, if my avid readers can recall, I made a public pronouncement lettered in an article to admonish the panegyric jingle bearing the sobriquet “ATIKULATION.” I mentioned from a ‘metaphysical’ standpoint and without a sting of doubt that the man Atiku would emerge the winner of the presidential elections but his victory would amount to ‘dancing with the same shadow.’ It was to be assumed therefore, that I am a proxy of the British agent in Aso Rock – which is totally ridiculous!

But, I will permit myself to reiterate the pronouncement through this piece. My word still stands. And now, inasmuch as I do not resonate with the charade of February 16, I wish to add, that the recent venture by the APC-led government to tamper with the results of the forthcoming presidential elections will shake the country in the most violent way never imagined. And I SINCERELY hope that this murderous, unscrupulous incumbent ruling party carries on with its shady enterprise because it will, by consequence, expedite the balkanization of the Star of Nigeria.

The planets proved, to be sure, that embedded in a country’s foundational creation are constellations of fortune stars and/or misfortune stars as the case implied.  The Wise-Men regarded these unseen influencers as the basis of a country’s fate through the ‘binary system’ that presides over with an unmistakable authority, the destiny and total existence of a country and its inhabitants.

Any country founded or built without the consultation of the Wise-Men is like a ship navigating on a wild sea without the empirical guide of a compass. Such ship is foredoomed to wander in endless turbulence and finally hit the depth of the raging waters.

I do believe without a blemish of confusion in my mind that Nigeria’s very foundation and its Pseudo-Independence was earthed by “ill-advised nationalists” (Azikiwe, Awolowo and Balewa) whose proclamation and inscription of Nigeria’s Nationhood on the 1st of October 1960, by word and by paper, by consciousness and by mantra, by time and by planetary positioning was universally inimical to its existence as a country.

This piece had been craving to be birthed; it had waited for years knowing that its time would come. And now is the time to wash the specks off the eyes of the people and wake them up to the dawn of their eternal damnation, to see beyond the numbers and letters and deconstruct the binary system of the planetary constellations that bares the hideous Star of Nigeria.

Relying on the esoteric principle of nation building, countless nations have exchanged their natal fate for a blissful alignment. I will not explain in simple terms what I mean, largely because the intricate mysteries of the universe are better left as the “unknowable” to a majority and as the “knowable” to a minority.

The Star of Nigeria is the Star of Conflict and War. Its fate by the virtue of its historic foundation is aligned with the inimical energies of active destruction – like the sword of Damocles hovering around the heads of the damned. In this way, it will as a world riddled with misfortunes, wander in a domino cycle under the influence of the very energies it harbors in its natal configuration. In other words, Nigeria’s destiny is allegorical of a heathen night reeling a Blood Moon and a canine feasting on a pregnant woman while a King observes in silent watch.

There are certain things I do not want to write for the sake of esoteric secrecy. But let me write this for the benefit of those Nigerians who recognize with devoted sympathy and impartial patriotism what varied types of abomination the union of oil and water, of fire and sun had evoked upon its inhabitants, that nothing under the sky of Nigeria, either by pronouncement, mantra, prophecy, libation or vision can alter the binary system along with the planetary influencers that affects the Star of Nigeria.

The old popular jingle; ‘Nigeria Go Better’ is an anthem for the fools who think of themselves as being wiser than the Universe.

I do not brag what I do not have. I have said and written times without number that I am different. I am something alien, something the world has never witnessed before. I know the Star of the United States of America, the Star of Canada, the Star of Germany, the Star of Ireland, the Star of Singapore, the Star of Luxembourg and the Stars of so many prosperous countries. The energies that influences these countries are an opposite reflection of what is obtainable in Nigeria and in most African countries. When you study with the mind of a seeker, the history of America, of England, of the Ancient Egypt, of the Ancient Igbo Land, you will realize with epiphanic clarity that the leaders had in their background, a sect of Wise-Men.

The foundation of a country by word and by paper, by consciousness and by mantra, by time and by planetary positioning will ultimately determine the Star of the country.

The Star of Nigeria ensures that the country knows no peace and remains subjected and confined in perpetuity to a force of eternal upheaval, conflicts and wars in dissonance with the blissful energies which has made other countries a paradise to behold.

In conclusion: whether Atiku or the facially-cloned British agent wins the presidential election on the 16th of February, the universal fact remains that the Star of Nigeria is constant, unchangeable. And may the universe and its living energies bare me witness that all that I have penned down in this article, is nothing but the righteous truth.

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