2023 Presidency: Why Igbos must shed ‘Victim Mentality’ – Kingsley Moghalu…

2023 Presidency: Why Igbos must shed 'Victim Mentality' - Kingsley Moghalu

Former Presidential Candidate, Kingsley Moghalu has called on Igbos in Nigeria to put an end to ‘victim mentality’.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Moghalu advised the Igbos to develop a strategy in conjunction with other ethnic groups in the country.

“Nigerian Igbo complain about political “marginalization”. While true because of the civil war, and while Nigeria needs “a new grand bargain” b/w it’s ethnic nationalities, the Igbo themselves have harmed themselves. They must first shed victim mentality.”

“Then they must address the disadvantage of being “led” by selfish, greedy and self-centred political elite masquerading as political and social-cultural leaders who are the first to shoot down their own. Many Igbo leaders are fine men and women. But there are too many that are envious and self-hating, choose to be politically second-class so long as it serves their little interests. Ndigbo need strategy, with high impact strategic engagement with other ethnic nationalities with a win-win proposition, not ethnic noise-making.” he wrote.

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Before you Run (1)

“Whatever political level you have laced up to run for: presidential, governorship, senatorial, house, local government, or ward, before you run, hear now what you are coming in to run or govern.”


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