Buhari, APC’s NEXT LEVEL Slogan Reminds Us Of MMM -By Micheal A. Adeniyi…

MMM Next level or which level? I asked in an incredulous voice when I saw the APC slogan for the 2019 election.

At first they came with the CHANGE slogan, if you changed something you continue with CONTINUITY not NEXT LEVEL, that’s not what i wanted to tell you, i want us to start with the analogy of the NEXT LEVEL slogan artwork above. At first the artwork depict president Buhari as a visually impaired person climbing a stair with some group of people while the Vice resident was a bit detached from behind the president and the people as they climbed the stair. Only God know where they are leading themselves to, maybe the mount of Golgotha. A man that cannot climb ordinary Aso Rock.



How do you talk about NEXT LEVEL without showing achievements, who does that? We will not forget he achieved nothing when it comes to the first and important part of his main manifesto which was war against corruption, he did not reduce corruption, nobody can fight corruption tho, he was only probing PDP and the source of their election fund, who will probe PMB’s campaign fund, a campaign funded with loots as well. Buhari government have not prosecuted a single corrupt comrade in his government. Zero achievement.

To me NEXT LEVEL mean a reward for a perfect scorecard, check Buhar’s scorecard before following any NEXT LEVEL slogan, your life is about to enter a next level of more drop in electricity megawatt, a next level of unemployment, 10 million people lost their jobs already, next level of Fulani killer herdsmen’s terror, next level of being UNAWARE, next level of corruption, hope you remember Grandollar, and finally, the next level of secret hiring, N-power for y’all, top jobs for their children, the labour minister said N-power payment can feed a family of 4. I like the policy of the NEXT LEVEL people, a good dichotomy between the rich and the poor. Take crumbs, hail and go to the NEXT LEVEL of penury. As they go to the next level of CHOP ALONE. They careless.


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