“Cognitive Functions Loss”: I’m Opposed To Buhari But Sowore Lied – Reno Okokri…

Reno Omokri has debunked claims in a video share by Buhari that Buhari has lost cognitive functions. He wrote:

I am opposed to General Buhari. However, Omoyele Sowore lied. This video does NOT show that Buhari has lost his “cognitive functions” as he alleged. If you watch it closely, you will notice that it has been skilfully edited to paint the picture Sowore wants the public to believe. There is a gap between the 5th and 6th second. There is also another gap at the 15th second. This is dishonesty. This is blackmail. This is Sowore’s stock in trade and that is why Buhari used and dumped him!


Omoyele had previously shared a tweet with the video claiming Buhari has lost cognitive functions.


Before you Run (1)

“Whatever political level you have laced up to run for: presidential, governorship, senatorial, house, local government, or ward, before you run, hear now what you are coming in to run or govern.”


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