Herdsmen vs Farmers clashes: Where does Buhari’s loyalties really lie?…

It is important we take a deeper look at the ongoing herder’s vs farmer’s clashes that has claimed lot of lives in the country especially because President Muhammadu Buhari has failed to offer a satisfactory response. . It is true that the killings predate this administration but it also is true that the killings have escalated under this administration while the leadership refuse to address this new confidence the attacking herdsmen have. The president by his actions and that of his handlers continue to downplay the extent of the killings and deflect from those responsible.=

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The prime suspects in these killings has remained the Fulani herdsmen that have consistently issued threat messages to different groups in the country in defence of the killings including state Governors.  None of the members of the Miyetti Allah group have been arrested nor prosecuted for the incendiary statements while journalists like Adamu Salkida and Jones Abiri are routinely hounded by the DSS on charges of incitement and treason, which brews suspicion. Exactly eight months ago, President Buhari received in audience a delegation from Benue, one of the worst hit states by the marauding herdsmen. President Buhari urged the delegation to ‘accommodate’ their fellow ‘countrymen’, made no mention of mitigating the damage done the  communities through federal compensation or a more robust police or military presence to protect lives and property.

In April 2017 while in London, he ascribed the killings in the country as an aftermath of the post Gaddafi era in Libya which according to him lead to the proliferation of arms and killers who made their way into Nigeria. As expected, Nigerians rejected such defense but it seems we are not done. The president while addressing some Nigerians in China during his ongoing visit blame the killings on the shrinking of the lake chad which has made herdsmen to seek for greener pasture in other parts of the country. What the president never said but could be inferred from this statement is that herdsmen had no option than to kill in other to graze in their new locations.

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This statement is the third we’ve heard from the president which shows how incoherent the President is and his poor understanding of the killings and his inability to protect Nigerians from the killer herdsmen. These statements has shown the president is not concerned about the plight of his citizens apart from politics. It is important we ask the president where his interest lies. Nigeria or the Herdsmen?

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