Residents protest ‘invasion’ of property…

 Emma Elekwa, Onitsha


RESIDENTS of Satellite Top Estate, Umunya, Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, have protested the alleged invasion of their property by the traditional ruler, Chris Onyekwuluje.

They called for the state’s intervention to avert a crisis.

Emmanuel Ubadigbo, who addressed reporters yesterday, said they bought the land from the Nwoye-Ugo family for residential purposes.

According to him, they spent huge resources, including provision of access roads, electricity and security, to make the place habitable.

He said: “We were shocked when the king of Umunya wrote to us, through a lawyer, demanding that we provide proof of ownership. It is our refusal that led to the blockage of the entrances to our buildings with heaps of sand.”

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A representative of the Nwoye-Ugo family, Samuel Nwoye-Ugo, confirmed the claim of legitimacy of the transfer of ownership by the residents.

But Igwe Onyekwuluje said the land has been a subject of litigation between the Nwoye-Ugo and Onyekwuluje families since 2010. He said the documents being requested by the Onyekwuluje family was to ascertain that the other party actually sold the land when there was a subsisting order against further actions on it.


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