The bloody or bloodless massacre of Lekki, by Festus Adedayo…

Saworoide is Kelani’s eloquent metaphor of the festering governance crisis in Nigeria, a vote of no confidence on contemporary model of leadership and a ramp-up of the abysmal failure of state. It is the outcome of a breakdown of the pact between citizens and their rulers. Through the symbolism of a brass bell ritual, tantamount to modern day constitution, succeeding kings in the ancient town of Jogbo are bound to their people. However, despotism, mis-governance, illegal ascension to power, inordinate ambition, the criminality of the ruling elite, upheavals in the system and illegitimacy become an oxymoron on a Jogbo people who were forced to react to a cruel strain of bad leadership.

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Before you Run (1)

“Whatever political level you have laced up to run for: presidential, governorship, senatorial, house, local government, or ward, before you run, hear now what you are coming in to run or govern.”


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